Binaural Beats for focus, creativity and relaxation
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What are Binaural Beats?

Two different pitches are played together and create a perceived pitch or base frequency that is in between the two tones played. An example would be tuning an instrument with a pitch pipe until the resulting beats disappear, this phenomenon is called monaural beats because the can only be heard by one ear. Listening to both tones with each ear through stereo headphones would provide a different experience called binaural beats. (Oster, 1973)(Lane, Kasian, Owens, and Marsh, 1998)

Binaural beats are an audio entertainment technique used to alter the brain waves. Altering the frequency changes the performance level on cognitive task. Brain-wave training produces excellent findings with the relation to human, memory, attention span, and relaxation (Hutchinson, 1994). This is an effective way to help impairments in function due to ADHD or Learning Disabilities, physical brain trauma, and psychological trauma. (Ochs, 1993) (Kennerly, 1994)

Binaural beats is a phenomenon that is the result of two different frequencies played to a listener. An auditory illusion occurs because the brain perceives a frequency in between of the two frequencies being heard. This middle frequency is the binaural beat, (Filimon, 2010; Sun, Sung, 2013) it stimulates the brain which creates a frequency following response. (Vernon, Peryer, Louch, Shawm 2012) The response affects the activity of the brain and may be used as a method of changing behaviour (Vernon et at., 2012). Binaural beats may be used to increase awareness and focus, as well as relaxation and relief of physical pain.

fig.1(top) Frequency A; fig.2(middle) Binaural Beat; fig.3(bottom) Frequency B

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